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Ant 99 tipo snaiperio šautuvo buvo išsaugotas durtuvas. Cilindrinė griovelio mova sujungia vožtuvo dalis ir veikia kaip saugos fiksatorius. What are our, European, mistakes?

Gintaras Visockas. What Danish intelligence concealed Gintaras. In the beginning of April this year the official webpage of the State Security Department of Lithuania SSD published a report by Danish intelligence service, which states that threat of terror attacks in the Danish state remains high in Allegedly they plan to carry out terror attacks using both firearms and explosives.

Not only Danish, we all should.

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Those caricatures are only a striking case among many examples, of how wrongly we act communicating with Muslim states and later we are surprised why Muslims are angered, disappointed, insulted raising this issue I do not justify killing, because taking a life is one of the worst crimes.

XXX This is how the Paris tragedy in was reported in the portal slaptai. Unfortunately, intolerance from both sides. Some of the caricatures, published in the journal, which has become tragically famous across the world, are simply disgusting, insulting, inciting religious enmity. What did their authors seek? Double standards are obvious.

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Insulting some is allowed, but not the others? Christians are allowed to mourn genocide, while Muslim victims are too few to be considered as genocide? Such reports should include the causes of this phenomena.

What are our, European, mistakes? Saying this I do not invite to become submissive, abject.

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But if we want Muslims to respect us, we must respect their traditions, religion, symbols. If we see that they are irritated by the disgusting caricatures, maybe we should refuse them, even if freedom of expression provides a right to draw them? But now it is chaos. We demand them to respect us, but we do not have to respect them? XXX By there are many kaip padaryti online dating svetainėje cases, when we act unacceptably.

We are demonstrating double standards much more often and more subtly. Not only Denmark or France. For example, I mean a successful victory of Azerbaijan in the end of Muslim country in 44 days managed to reclaim most of the territories of Nagorno Karabakh, lost in Did we congratulate Azerbaijan with this impressive victory so far it is the only republic of the former Soviet Union, who managed to c96 pažintys mauzeris its territorial integrity, Georgians, Moldavians and Ukrainians are still struggling?

Charlie Hebdo. AFP nuotr. We did not congratulate them. Having not congratulated Azerbaijan, we also did not condemn Armenia, when it opened fire to civilian Azeri cities, which are not related to Nagorno Karabakh.

Women and children were killed in these attacks. Many residential buildings were destroyed. Did c96 pažintys mauzeris great European capitals express sympathies to Azerbaijan over these attacks, organized by the Armenian armed forces? Vietoje pažinčių žaidėjai, they did not. Because Armenians are Christians?

We did not congratulate or commend.

Of course, such subtle silence and ignorance are not as disgusting as caricatures, but they are still painful. European tactlessness is the most obvious. Muslim world sees it, feels and analyzes it. Turkish army European tendencies regarding Turkey are obvious too. XXX Here is another example, that does not make us more honorable. UNESCO is the specialized agency of the United Nations, aiming to contribute to strengthening peace and security in the world by developing cooperation among nations in the fields of education, science, culture and communication.

But does this organization always act correctly? In the end ofwhen Azerbaijan, helped by Turkey, in a military way took back Nagorno Karabakh, which belongs to it by international law, c96 pažintys mauzeris Armenian separatists, UNESCO representatives started criticizing Azeri, saying they should not dare to destroy Armenian cultural, historical and architectural monuments.

Looking from aside, such warning by an influential c96 pažintys mauzeris organization is understandable. Carefulness does not harm. However, throwing such suspicions at Azerbaijan is immoral, because c96 pažintys c96 pažintys mauzeris who know at least a bit about the history of this Muslim country, clearly know: Azeri have always been tolerant to other nations and other religions.

Suspecting that after reclaiming Nagorno Karabakh, called the Black Garden, they would necessarily start avenging, that is destroying objects of Armenian culture, is primitive.

By the way, as soon as it started liberation operation inofficial Baku, without any urges, stated that it would protect all Armenian, all Christian signs of architecture, history, culture.

Azeri have never been vandals. It speaks about the unsound morality of this organization, lack of principles, about applied ugly double standards.

Why do I think so? It firstly had to raise a question — how many of Muslim, Azeri heritage objects have been destroyed by Armenian supported separatists. It requested sending delegations, which would examine how Azeri cultural and historical objects are taken care of there.

It would diplomatically steer away or justify itself saying it cannot intervene to issues of the international politics.

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Double standard, not suitable for a solid international organization, are obvious. If efforts to examine objects of Azeri heritage in Nagorno Karabakh is politics, then concern about Armenian cultural objects in Nagorno Karabakh should be politics too? Because there are many cases of C96 pažintys mauzeris vandalism, when mosques were destroyed there, museums were robbed, Caucasian and Albanian architectural monuments were remade into Armenians, Agdam and Fizuli cities were destroyed to dust.

Karabakh Despite indifference of the international community to the three decades of erasing Muslim heritage in Nagorno Karabakh, all that time Azerbaijan carefully recorded every case of Armenian vandalism. These encyclopedias are translated to Azeri, English, Russian and French languages. But will they want to sincerely establish, how many architectural, historical, cultural monuments were destroyed by Armenian separatists? Do you cerebriniu paralyžiumi pažintys the Muslim world does not see these slaps in the faces Do you think such European hypocrisy does not disappoint, irritate them?

Today situation is complicated in Armenia. There are powers there that urge the countrymen to take arms and avenge, avenge, avenge.

Azerbaijan and Turkey are the targets of Armenian paramilitary terrorist groups. You ask, what Denmark has to do with it? One of Armenian terrorist organizations claimed responsibility for this attack.

Paslaptinga moksleivio mirtis Jei bent šiek tiek domėjotės Rusijos kariuomenės istorija, tuomet tikrai galite prisiminti bent porą užsienio ginklų pavyzdžių. Nepaisant to, šis ginklas vaidino svarbų vaidmenį formuojant šiuolaikinį Rusijos valstybingumą. Jos pavyzdžiu buvo netiesiogiai įrodyta klasikinių šautuvų šovinių perteklinė galia, o jos globėjas Vladimiras Fedorovas sukūrė pirmąjį pasaulyje kulkosvaidį.

This was their alleged revenge to Turks for tragic events in Focus here — they took revenge not in Turkish, but in Danish territory, without any concerns that not only Turks, but also innocent Danish could be harmed.

That attack in Copenhagen is only one of the terror attacks, organized by Armenian terrorists in the West inwhich claimed 70 lives, injuredwhere were taken hostage and 12 of them were killed. Not only Turkish diplomats are among the murdered and crippled. But we do not know. We cannot know. Armenia, unlike Miesto žodis pažintys, does not allow researches into its archives.

However, this research was not finished. Joe Biden. So my beloved and respected America made the biggest mistake by underlining strong reproaches to Turks — they should have waited until Yerevan opens its archives. How could Adomėnas not know: Armenian archives are still carefully protected from foreign researchers.

Lopata, who in the past had an important position c96 pažintys mauzeris the International relations and political sciences institute, must know: historians, scientists, politicians, who seriously look at history, firstly analyze archives of the conflicting side and only then make resolutions, decisions and publish laws.

These are only several examples when we act without tact in communication with Muslim countries.