Tonumi provides a much easier way to trade physical coins. There's nothing like it on the market.

Client: Tonumi

Scope: UX/UI Design. Front-end Code

Tonumi is a web app for the physical coin merchants. When we think of coins nowadays, we tend of think of crypto. But long before Bitcoin, Numismatics had existed.

What is Numismatics, you say? It is a scientific analysis and study of money and the way people have used money throughout history. In short, these are the people that study and trade physical coins.

These guys & gals trade coins through special auction websites. The problem is that these websites offer terrible user experience. Tonumi is a startup with a mission to create a much easier way to trade. Let's see how.


There is not shortage is auction websites. However, most of them are either really old or lack good UX. We analyzed the biggest players for the things they had done sort of right and improved them.

Tonumi Competition Ealdwins
Tonumi Competition Numisbids

Biggest user pain-points

After analyzing the competition we discovered key areas that can be improved. TL;DR is that we need to bring the whole experience to 2019.

  • Numismats are scientific people. Thus, they base their decisions on dense information. Sometimes the smallest detail can be a big difference. As a result, we need find a balance between the information being clear, easy to digest and dense.
  • Even the smallest detail can alter the value of the coin. We had to provide an easy way to zoom in an analyze the material and a deep level.
  • Most users complain about having to fill in a lot of the information about the coin. That might not seem like a big problem. Unless you are working with 20 of them. Then entering complicated information for all of them becomes a big problem. Wouldn't it be nice if the app would do it for you and save tons of time?

How are we going to solve it?

How are we going to solve Tonumi problems?

The Flow

Tonumi Flow

Full Catalog View

The main flow begins with a catalog view. Here you can find the coin you want to sell from a library of coins.

Tonumi Full Catalog

Inner coin page with all of the details

Once you find the desired item, you can view more information about it and start selling it.

Tonumi Inner Coin Detail Page

Auction View

Within the auction you can bid for the price in real time. Tonumi has a super fast backend that can update the price in mili-seconds.

Tonumi Auction Details

Multi-purpose coin information list

How are we going to display the information? How do we structure information by different levels of importance? Can we make an interchangable component that can work in most cases?

Multipurpose information card

Hows the app doing?

We set out to create an easy-to-understand Minimum Viable Product which the founders could start marketing. After conducting a series of interviews with Numizmat Community we received a ton of compliments. Creating this app was not easy, because of the sheer volume of information that needs to be portrayed. However, the objective has been achieved.

List of regrets

As with any design and development of the app. It never turns out exactly like envisioned. Sometimes you have to cut some corners. Sometimes you pivot and do something else. Other times just the budgets constrains does not allow to fully work out every single detail. Here is what I think that still can be done with this project in the future:

  • There can be a lot more work on the landing page. Because of the budget constraints we did not have a ton of time for the landing page. Therefore, someone needs to put more love to it.
  • SEO Optimization. Right now there is very little of it. I wish Tonumi eventually could hire a full-time SEO person and work with a designer to optimize the app.
  • Some design inconsistencies and bugs here and there.