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Sumokėjau JAV dolerius už tai, kad, kaip žadėjo seminaro reklama, išmokčiau būti energinga, kad mano gyvenimas įgautų pagreitį, kad įveikčiau savo baimę. Vaikystėje buvo neūžauga.

The discussion raises a question of whether or not languages dying and linguistic diversity decreasing should be seen as a threat.

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It reduces the cultural differentiation of our society and small local tongues get overwhelmed by the global ones, thus erasing not only the languages themselves but also the cultures associated with them. From this come several points that I want to address. The physical barriers between people all over the world are all but gone due to basically limitless means of free or very cheap communication as well as accessible long-distance traveling.

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The social barricades, though, still are noticeably persistent in some cases self-isolating countries like North Korea or the situation with women in some Muslim countries but tend to be diminishing as well and I believe they too will disappear, given enough time.

Where I am going with this, is that together with the globalisation the need for a common language will become more and more apparent and inevitable.

Of course, language diversity plays an important role in forming cultural, national and ethnic divergence and the individuality of nations, as well as separate people.

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Those things are important, but having in mind the social developments that I have already mentioned, language variance is becoming more and more a barrier and an archaic concept that stands in the way of world development, basically impeding our ability to communicate freely.

Once again, a question can be raised whether or not a possible destruction of linguistic differences by introducing a common language is a good thing.

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I do not pasiduoti interneto pažintys agree with that myself but I feel we have to be aware of the reality and the changes that are manifesting around us.

If we accept the need for a common world language, a natural question arises, what language it should be. Most people probably heard about Esperanto.

It was not very successful. Although there are people speaking it and some even have this tongue as their native one, Esperanto did not reach the success it was supposed to. Despite that, I do not think it is actually possible to turn an artificial language into one that is spoken worldwide. If there would be enough resources put into creating this artificial language it might be easier to learn and more accessible than any other language that we now have on Earth and I agree that would be an advantage.

However, convenience would not be the most important factor in this situation. There would be gigantic amounts of resources required to spread the new language effectively; say put it in every curriculum of general education.

That would be such a massive project, that I do not think anyone could seriously consider it. Artificial language might be the most socially neutral solution, but certainly not klipai remiantis mbti most practical as it would need tons of financial support and a significant amount of time to reach the goal in question.

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So even if it causes some turmoil, and it most definitely willthe best candidate for a global language would be one of the existing tongues. I am going with English for one main reason: its area.

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English is the official language in around 90 countries, islands and regions. No other tongue can rival such geographical disparity.

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You might be interested, what gave English such a great advantage over its competitors. The answer is simple: The British Empire.

  • The discussion raises a question of whether or not languages dying and linguistic diversity decreasing should be seen as a threat.
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At the peak of its power at around there were approximately people living there and practically all of them spoke English. China had about inhabitants at the same time, only slightly more, klipai remiantis mbti we have to bear in mind that not all Chinese spoke the Mandarin dialect, so you could say with certainty that in the beginning of the 20th century English had the most speakers of any language in the world and was spread rather widely across different countries.

This led to the current situation, where any language has a lot of catching-up to do if it wants to rival English for linguistic world supremacy. Although in recent years you could see Mandarin Chinese and Spanish making some progress, I find it populiariausi iphone programos to believe, that English can be klipai remiantis mbti.

Vienuma — visuomenei reikalingo kūrybingumo versmė Tokios svarbios, kartais įprastai intuicijai prieštaraujančios idėjos jau savaime skatina neštis Tylą į ramų kampelį ir įsigilinti į jos susimąstyti skatinančias idėjas. Išsklaido mitą, kad laimingi ir sėkmingi gali būti tik ekstravertai. Ji sumaniai įspėja mus apie triukšmingosios kultūros neigiamus aspektus, apie tai, kiek vertų dalykų rizikuoja paskęsti šiame triukšme. Susan balsas net ir triukšme skamba įtaigiai — mąsliai, kilniai, ramiai ir iškalbingai.

Starting with the British Empire and continuing with the quick spread of the American culture that is now extremely popular and influential worldwide, the process of English becoming the global language in my opinion has enough inertia to continue for quite some time up to the point when we would indeed have a common language for everyone.

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