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If you are having problems with an app, often times the Microsoft Store notifies you and fix the problem for you.

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If the issue persists with that app, try running the Apps troubleshooter. This troubleshooting tool is available in English, but works on computers running other languages too. If using the apps troubleshooter from Microsoft does not fix the app, or the app that is not working correctly is not a Microsoft app, this document contains other steps to fixing the app yourself.

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Run Windows Update to make sure your computer is up to date Make sure the most recent updates are installed on your computer. In the Windows, search for and open Windows Update settings. Click Check for updates. If there are any available updates, they begin installing automatically. Follow the on-screen instructions to update your apps. After the updates install, restart your computer if necessary.

Allow an app to receive information through the Windows Firewall To make your system more secure, Windows Firewall is active.

dating tips daily mail

Some apps might be blocked by the Windows Firewall. For your app to work properly, you might need to allow that app to receive information through the Windows Firewall. In the Windows, search for and open Firewall and network protection.

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Click Allow an app through Windows Firewall. Click Change settings.

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  • If you are having problems with an app, often times the Microsoft Store notifies you and fix the problem for you.

You might be asked for an admin password or to confirm your choice. Select the check box next to the app you want to allow, select the network types you want to allow communication on, and then click OK. If the firewall is blocking the app and if the app is not in the list as described in the previous instructions, you might need to open a port, which is a way to receive information through the firewall. If you need to open a port to play an on-line game with friends, be aware the ports stay open all the time, so it is recommended to close the ports when you no longer need them open.

To open a port, use the following instructions.

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Click Advanced settings. Follow the on-screen instructions. Verify with your system administrator If your computer is part of a network, the system kokio amžiaus yra gerai pradėti praleidimas might have turned off the use of certain apps using Group Policy.

This might happen if your network is part of a business, school, or government agency.

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If you think that the Group Policy setting is preventing you from using an app you need, contact your system administrator. Keep your apps up to date Your apps work better when they are kept up to date.

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To keep them up to date, make sure Update apps automatically is turned on in the Microsoft Store. In Windows 10, search for and open Store.

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In the Windows Store, click the More pažintys prieštaringaiand then select Settings. Under App updates, make sure Update apps automatically is turned on.

Make sure your permissions are set correctly To manage your download devices and make sure the license for the app is synced with the license of the computer, use the following instructions.

dating tips daily mail

Scroll down the window to Offline Permissions, turn on Make this PC the one I use to run some games or apps that have limited licenses, even when I'm offline, and then click Manage dating tips daily mail devices. Reinstall the app If, after verifying that the licenses are synced and the apps are up to date, the problem with the app persists, reinstalling the app might fix the problem. In Windows 10, search for and open Apps and features.

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Select the app you want to uninstall, click Uninstall, and then follow any on-screen prompts to uninstall the app. Search for an open Store.

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Click the Search icontype the name of the app you want to install, and dating tips daily mail select the app when it displays. Click Get or Install, and then follow any on-screen instructions to download the app. Contact the publisher of the app If problems persist with the app, refer to the support information listed on the description page of the app to contact the publisher for assistance. Find and select the app, and then scroll down to the Additional information section of the app's description page.

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Under Publisher info, click the support link for the app. The link opens in your default browser. Get help from others who use Windows If you can't find the information you need from the publisher, try posting your questions to the Windows forum in English to get answers from other people that use Windows.

dating tips daily mail

The forum is called Microsoft Community and is a free community and discussion forum for asking and answering questions about using Microsoft products.