It is such a pleasure to meet you. Even though it's very hard. Let me tell you about me in less than few paragraphs. I started playing around with Photoshop around the age of 12. I am 26 now. Yes, I was hooked from a very early age.

The idea that you could make something from nothing really captivated my imagination. I spent the next 6 years learning design on and off, but I really started getting serious about design from the age of 18.

My career started
in London

My official career started in London back in 2010. It was there where I got my first design job in an agency called "Tanka". Those guys introduced me to web design and later UX/UI design. I continued to work in London for 5 more years in many worldwide companies like Blablacar, Spiral and much more.

Fast Forward to today

Today I have more than 7 years of UX/UI experience under my belt. I enjoy building complex products and solving problems that matter. I had moved back to Lithuania a few years ago which I use as a base.